Save the date

As the district begins planning for the busy spring semester, it’s important to avoid conflicts, and the best way to do it is to make sure that big events that affect several schools or departments are included in the Districtwide Datebook. This online calendar is the chief means of scheduling districtwide activities and keeping everyone up-to-date on major happenings around the district.

The Districtwide Datebook can be found at Placing your department’s major events on the datebook will help others avoid booking events on the same date. Departments who already have scheduled dates for events and activities on their online calendars in the district’s website are encouraged to push them to the datebook as soon as possible.

Department directors and administrative assistants are asked to update their department calendars (when available) and the districtwide datebook by following the steps below. If your department has a calendar on the district’s website, post your events there with the following information:

  • the name of the event or activity
  • a short description of the event
  • the start and end time
  • the venue name and address of the event location
  • a department contact person and phone number or email address

If you need help pushing an event from your department calendar to the districtwide datebook, send an email to

What events should be included in the datebook? The datebook is only for events that involve (or are of interest to) the entire school district or large sections of it. For example: STEM Day, Discover Dallas ISD, MLK Oratory Competition, districtwide principal meetings, recognition events and opportunities, job fairs, flu clinics, retirement seminars, districtwide trainings, etc. 

Departments that do not have a website-based calendar can add districtwide events to the datebook by visiting and clicking on the form to submit the required information. 

For questions about adding items to the Districtwide Datebook of the district’s main calendar, send an email to


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