Promoting academic excellence at Seagoville High School

Assistant Principal Kelsey Cronin has been in education for the past nine years, so she understands the importance of celebrating every student’s success. That is why she said she was so excited to help organize Seagoville High School’s first Senior Signing Day alongside the college advising team from ASP Dallas, an organization that provides professional comprehensive college counseling to high school students. 

On the big day, 40 of the school’s graduating seniors— who have received college acceptance letters and wanted to be part of the celebration—invited 170 people to come cheer them on in Seagoville’s gym. Each student shared why they chose their college while sitting at tables decorated with their college gear and signed a certificate of intent at the end of the event. 

The community celebrated their accomplishments with cupcakes, balloon arches, music, and more, and Cronin said it was a huge success.

“On most campuses, if it’s not athletics, there’s no buzz,” Cronin said. “I really want to change that culture to promote going to college. Whatever kind of dreams our students have, we have a platform to get them to that point.”

Cronin said Seagoville’s community liaison, Yennifer Reyes, and campus coordinator, Marissa Romer, were phenomenal in bringing the Senior Signing Day together, along with the school’s Link Crew club, a group of junior and senior leadership students who helped with set up and event flow.

In addition to celebrating students’ college acceptance, Cronin wanted to honor the parents and families who have helped their students reach this stage. She said Senior Signing Day gave them an opportunity to celebrate and feel proud of what their students accomplished and was entirely family focused.

The event was so successful that the Seagoville team is already planning to host a second Senior Signing Day for the 2023-2024 school year. Cronin hopes more of the school’s graduating seniors will participate in the future and will continue bringing their achievements to their school community to be recognized as they deserve.

“I really want kids to be so happy about their senior year,” Cronin said. “I feel like a lot of them are filled with worry about what’s next, and these are really big decisions. I want their parents to sit in that audience and be proud of their child, and be recognized and feel this sense of community because we are the heart of Seagoville.” 

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