Meet Master Principal Brittany Thompson

Master Principal Brittany Thompson has spent 11 years in education, all at Dallas ISD. Originally from Chattanooga, Tenn., she was placed in Dallas with Teach for America at J.L. Long Middle School, where she quickly stepped into leadership roles. 

Thompson was subsequently promoted to instructional coach at John Quincy Adams Elementary School and then became assistant principal there and at Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy. While at John Quincy Adams, she led the mathematics department, realizing double digit gains before ultimately moving to Lakewood Elementary School as principal. 

Thanks to her commitment to working alongside those she leads in order to make a lasting impact, Thompson was among the top 10 percent of Dallas ISD principals to be awarded the Master Principal designation for the 2022-2023 school year. Learn more about her outlook on leadership below. 

What drew you to education? 

The desire to have an impact on students, their lives and futures—and the joy I feel on campuses—inspired me to become an educator! 

What qualities make a great principal? 

Great leaders I admire are decisive, good communicators who value relationships and their people and always put students at the forefront of their work. 

What is your educational philosophy or a motto by which you work? 

My philosophy is students first. When struggling with a difficult situation, we always ask ourselves, “What is in the best interest of the students?” 

What inspires you about your position? 

The people I get to work with inspire me: the teachers in the classrooms who pour their hearts into their classes, the students and their ability to exceed expectations and show such kindness and empathy, and the community members I work with who move mountains for our students. 

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