Hot spots available for team Dallas ISD

The district has opened hotspot requests not only to students but also to all campus and central team members, thanks to a partnership with T-Mobile to support internet access needs at home.

The hotspots will be activated under T-Mobile’s Education plan, which includes free mobile internet with content filtering. All content accessible via these hotspots will pass through a content filter that blocks access to any form of inappropriate content and is compliant with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Central employees who need internet access at home can request one by submitting a service request for a hotspot device through Support Hub. Download this guide of the process for additional help. 

Campus team members can take advantage of this resource by completing this form with recipients’ information and return to by May 12. 

All devices can be kept through the tenure of Dallas ISD employment or enrollment. 

Once the request is submitted, additional information will be shared. For additional information, questions, or concerns, contact 

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