Dallas ISD to host May 6 voting centers

Several Dallas ISD facilities will serve as voting centers during the joint election on Saturday, May 6. Department heads, principals, and office managers of the 98 facilities assigned to serve as polling locations are asked to prepare and staff their facilities accordingly.  

Team members are reminded of election laws related to political electioneering and political advertisement. Although district employees do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate, neither an employee nor anyone else has an absolute constitutional right to use all or parts of a school building or its immediate surrounding areas for unlimited expressive purposes. Therefore, the time, place, and manner restrictions outlined in this memo are imposed regarding electioneering on district property. 

All listed facilities should be opened promptly at 5 a.m. on May 6. Election judges will need access to the buildings until 10 p.m. or until the election staff is finished for the evening.

Please ensure that school team members cooperate with the election judges regarding set-up requests and that polling locations are presentable. At no time should a district facility be left unattended by district personnel.

A custodian will be required to work overtime on May 6. Two custodians may split the time, but there should be no overlap of time between the custodians. Custodial team members must use the supplemental pay icon on the biometric time and must clock in and out, using the activity code 131904.  

To see all the assigned facilities, click here. Contact Orlando Alameda at (972) 925-5142 or OAlameda@dallasisd.org with additional questions. 

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