Cyber incident notifications

While Dallas ISD’s Information Technology is constantly improving cybersecurity across the district, sometimes incidents happen. The department’s security experts are there to help. 

Some of the common cybersecurity issues team members may encounter require immediate action because they could risk sensitive information getting out. These risk scenarios include:

  • An unintended disclosure of sensitive information (an employee is responsible)
  • Exfiltration of sensitive information (a bad\malicious actor is responsible)
  • Any sort of unauthorized access to Dallas ISD systems (internal or external)
  • Persistent brute force attempts to steal Dallas ISD sensitive information (active attempts)
  • UserID and password divulged during a Phishing Campaign

IT recommends that if any of these scenarios takes place, team members should immediately stop what they are doing and send an email to and copy The email should include as much detail as possible—who, what, when, where, and how.

Sensitive information that could be put at risk through cybersecurity breaches includes:

  • Student data 
  • Criminal data 
  • Healthcare data
  • Employee data
  • Financial data 

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