Open Transfer: ACE schools foster culture of enrichment

Evelyn Gallegos has been teaching math at an Accelerating Campus Excellence school for the past three years, and she loves all the resources and enrichment activities the ACE model provides to students. From Eddie Bernice Johnson STEM Academy’s exciting house system to DJ, zumba, gardening clubs and more, the ACE campus has countless opportunities for student transformation, and Gallegos is encouraging current Dallas ISD teachers, counselors and media specialists to consider an ACE team during the open transfer period. 

“You don’t ever see the campus lonely after school,” Gallegos said. “There is always something going on, and there are always students enjoying being in these clubs and activities. It really motivates them to do better in school and even at home. I’ve had parents tell me that their students’ behavior at home has changed as well.”

The open transfer period allows eligible team members to accept a position at another campus for the following school year. During the open transfer period, current principal approval is not required, although best practice would be for the team member to inform their current principal of their desire to transfer.

Gallegos has been teaching in the district for the past 13 years, and she said working at an ACE campus has taken her skills to new heights. With additional professional development opportunities as well as constant backing from her administration team and coaches, she has enjoyed the challenges presented to her. 

“I’m always finding ways to grow as a teacher in math and as a leader,” she said. “By working at an ACE campus, you also really have that support from your colleagues, who show up every day with the motivation and enthusiasm to get the students who are struggling to improve in math, reading and science.”

To be eligible for an open transfer, team members must meet the following criteria: 

  • Hold a valid Texas Teacher Certificate or hold a valid District of Innovation Certification Waiver in the requested subject-area vacancy and meet TEA/SBEC Certification Standards for the position 
  • Must not be entering their fourth year of an Alternative Certification Program 
  • Must not be identified for non-renewal at the end of the current school year due to performance and/or misconduct 

Eligible team members must apply online using their EAD login at using the internal openings link. The Human Capital Management team will email notifications of approval/denial throughout the open transfer period. Transfers are only final once an approval email notification has been sent from Human Capital Management. All notifications will be completed by May 5, 2023.  

If you have any questions about the process, contact Priscilla Soltren at 972-925-4227 or via email at  

“The resources that we get here at an ACE campus and all the activities we do really benefit the students,” Gallegos said. “And it’s not just academically. I think it motivates them to be better kids.”

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