Free document translation is available districtwide

Dallas ISD offers free translation services of documents to all schools and departments through the Translation Services Department.

“This service is offered districtwide and can improve communication with families, students and community members, by providing translation in the language our stakeholders feel more comfortable in,” said Alejandra Rios, supervisor for Translation Services.  

Among the services that are offered are the translation of documents, such as flyers, manuals, handbooks, curriculum, notes, letters, memos, PowerPoint presentations, etc. 

“The schools are always striving for more parent participation,” Rios said. “In order for parents to participate in their children’s education, they have to understand the language. By providing translation of written documents, we are closing the gap by providing a service in their own language.”  

Translation Services serves all schools and district facilities.

Services are provided on a first come, first served basis. Document translation is offered in Spanish, Arabic, Burmese, Chin, Kirundi, Swahili, and French. 

To request translation of documents, fill out the request form by clicking here.  

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