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Bob Adams was part of Rufus C. Burleson Elementary School’s inaugural Accelerating Campus Excellence team in 2021. The teacher of 27 years said he has seen firsthand the power of the ACE model as Burleson has since transformed from an F-rated school to a B-rated school. 

Adams said the difference in the school’s atmosphere is tangible in and out of the classroom. He and his partner teacher, Cesar Reyes, participate in the Home2Home Visit Program and make it their mission to visit every student in their homes each year.  

“When Mr. Reyes and I go around and visit students, 100 percent of the families have talked about the positive changes in the school,” Adams said. “That’s one of the benefits of working at an ACE campus. You really see a difference at a fairly quick pace, and you get to be involved in the transformation of a community.”

Adams is encouraging other teachers to consider taking advantage of the upcoming open transfer period and job fair to make a powerful impact at an ACE school or a high priority campus. 

The job fair for external and internal candidates interested in high priority campuses will be held on Tuesday, March 7, at Harold W. Lang Middle School to give educators an opportunity to interview with Dallas ISD principals and gain a teaching position where they are needed the most.

Attendees will need to have a completed teacher application on file, which can be found at The recruitment team also asks that candidates upload their resume, references and teaching certification prior to their attendance at the in person job fairs. The recruitment team will confirm their registration prior to the event via email. 

From getting to work with an incredible team of high achieving educators to transforming student lives daily, Adams said he has benefited greatly from his time at Burleson. 

“Principal Lonnie Russell did an amazing job forming a team that works together as what we call ‘the Burleson Family,’” Adams said. “If you enjoy a challenge and you enjoy learning new ways of doing things, I think you should definitely consider an ACE or high priority campus. It’s a great growth experience for people who are looking to work with a team that lifts each other up and who enjoy seeing results.”

To reserve a spot at the March 7 job fair, click here. If you have additional questions, email Melody Tillman at

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