Make a difference with kindness

Random acts of kindness can change the world or, at least, make a difference for those who practice them and receive them. 

In honor of Random Acts of Kindness Day, celebrated on Feb. 17, Dallas ISD team members shared some of the random acts of kindness that they have been on the receiving end of or participated in. 

A Dallas ISD team member, who is an educational diagnostician, remembers having to go the extra mile to help a parent in need who was new to the district. The parent, who had just moved from another state, was living in a motel with her children, several of whom had disabilities, and was working seven days a week. When the team member first met the parent, the mom was apprehensive about sharing her story. But once she did, the team member knew the student needed more than an IQ and achievement test, due to the needs of the family. 

“I immediately went into action. I requested special education records for all her disabled children from her previous state, got her in touch with several organizations in Dallas to help her with daily needs, and then reached out to our Homeless Education Department,” said the team member. Thanks to this act of kindness, the family is now on the path to connect with agencies and resources that will help them succeed. 

“It makes my heart happy that all it took was stepping out of my role as an assessment professional and making a few phone calls and sending a few emails to change a family’s life,” the diagnostician said. 

Another Dallas ISD team member recalls recently helping someone who had a flat tire: ”I felt good about being able to be there at the right time, in order to bring relief to someone who was having a challenging day.” 

Yet another felt good being kind to a complete stranger by giving giving $20 to a person in need to buy something to eat at a fast food drive-thru.

 “He said ‘God bless you,’ and the entire day, I felt good because to me, I had been a blessing to a person who needed a blessing.” 

As far as being on the receiving end of an act of kindness, a few shared instances of someone paying for their coffee or meal at the drive-thru. 

Another team member said they received $25 in tickets from a kind couple who was leaving the state fair and didn’t plan to return, so they gave their tickets away. 

“It was helpful to me and my family, as the fair can be quite expensive. Thanks to these kind strangers, my family was able to enjoy the fair a little more,” they said. 

Another team member shared that their neighbor gave them tickets to see the Dallas Mavericks play, as they weren’t going to be able to use their tickets that day. 

“It was an unexpected surprise that absolutely made my day,” they said. 

One team member recalls being surprised by coworkers who decorated her desk with balloons and a birthday banner. 

“It was just what I needed, because I was having a rough week. They made my birthday really special and that thoughtful gesture turned my week around. My coworkers made me feel appreciated and validated,” she said. 

As far as ways to commemorate this day, the consensus was to be thoughtful and to take care of and to look out for one another. 

“Do something for someone else with gratitude. Buy them a cup of coffee or buy them some lunch,” is advice that was shared by team members. 

If you’re looking for ways to commemorate this day, visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation at


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