This Is Home: Couple finds forever love in the district

Imagine walking into a professional development training, bonding with a stranger over salsa during lunch and finding your “forever person.” As improbable as it may sound, that is precisely what happened to Jazmin and Marlon Harrison. 

Jazmin, who is now a director of business operations in Student Transportation Services, was a high school counselor when she first bumped into Marlon—now the assistant superintendent of enterprise, client support and program management—back in 2018. The PowerSchool training they were both attending lasted a few days, so they continued getting to know each other over their lunch breaks. When the training ended, Marlon asked Jazmin to meet for coffee. 

They started dating not long after. Both Marlon and Jazmin said they are very family oriented and love to travel, so they later decided to bring their children together for the first time on a trip to Disney World. 

“For me, that was the first glimpse of what life could be for the future,” Marlon said. “I was sold at that point. I remember driving home, and I told my son that I wanted to ask Jazmin to marry me. I wanted to know if he approved, and he said yes. So that was my green light to move forward.”

They got married in a small courthouse ceremony in Dallas on June 19, 2021, followed by a trip to California so their extended families could get to know each other and celebrate alongside them. 

Almost two years later, they are enjoying doing life together every day and crossing paths occasionally at work. With Jazmin in Student Transportation Services and Marlon in Information Technology, it does not happen often, but they said they love Dallas ISD and their roles. 

Each of them has over 15 years of experience working in the district in various positions, so they do not see themselves leaving anytime soon. 

“For me this is home,” Jazmin said. “My kids have grown up attending Dallas ISD schools, and they have been very fortunate to have an amazing education. As for me personally, I have been able to serve in different roles, grow in my career and get to know people from different departments—like I met Marlon. I have had the opportunity to build my extended family, and it has been a blessing.” 

“Jazmin is a remarkable woman,” Marlon added. “She is the smartest person in our family, and I’m very blessed to have had the opportunity in my work to meet my forever person.” 

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