Celebrating together

The Dallas ISD Convocation ’22 Districtwide Viewing Event is just days away! Below is information to help you create a festive environment for your school or department so everyone on the team has an enjoyable experience. We are looking forward to everyone participating to celebrate a new year together and hear from Dallas ISD Superintendent Stephanie Elizalde.

Identify a viewing location/format

You are encouraged to identify a location that is appropriate for your campus or department (i.e., conference room, auditorium, cafeteria, etc.) to view the convocation, including individual computer stations. Keep in mind that the district encourages responsible distancing when possible.

Select a convocation lead

This person will be responsible for setting up the viewing area if you are watching as a group and the event station from which all event elements that have been delivered (i.e., lunches and SWAG bags) can be distributed.


Jason’s Deli lunches (sandwich, chips, and cookie) will be delivered to each campus and department between 9 and 11 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 8. No further action is required of campuses or departments to coordinate food orders or delivery.

Convocation bags

Pre-filled swag bags are being delivered to campuses and departments. All swag will have been delivered by Friday, Aug. 5. If you have any questions about the bags, please contact Tunisia Wallace at tuwallace@dallasisd.org.

Viewing Link

The event is scheduled to start promptly at 11 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 8. A link will be posted on www.dallasisd.org/convocation2022 to access the presentation. Participants will have an opportunity to interact through a special chat feature during the streaming of the convocation. When signing in as an individual or for a group, you will be asked to provide your name, email and your company, which should be the name of your school or department. On-demand viewing for Intersession and School Day Redesign school staff will also be available.

Information just for campuses

Each campus will have access to two balloon bouquets, which can be picked up by a designated campus representative at a district stadium between 7 and 10:30 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 8. Balloon pick-up sites are assigned by geographical quadrants. Balloons will be distributed at the main entrance of all pick-up sites.

  • Campuses located in the northeast quadrant should pick up their balloon bouquets at the Cobb Stadium pick-up site located at 1720 Robert B Cullum Blvd.
  • Campuses located in the northwest quadrant should pick up their balloon bouquets at the Loos Complex pick-up site located at 3815 Spring Valley Road.
  • Campuses located in the southeast quadrant should pick up their balloon bouquets at the Forester Stadium pick-up site located at 8233 Military Parkway.
  • Campuses located in the southwest quadrant should pick up their balloon bouquets at the Ellis Davis Fieldhouse pick-up site located at 9191 S. Polk St.

Click here to view a map and verify which quadrant your campus is located in.

Note: Balloon bouquets should be placed near the event station for added decoration.

For questions about Convocation, contact tuwallace@dallasisd.org.

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