District facilities are polling places

On Saturday, May 7, 103 district facilities will be used as voting centers for the constitutional amendment and primary run off elections taking place in May. Department heads, principals and office managers of facilities assigned to serve as polling locations are asked to prepare and staff their facilities accordingly.   

  • All listed facilities should be opened at 5:30 a.m. on both dates. Election judges will need access to the buildings until 10:00 p.m. or until the election staff is finished for the evening.
  • Ensure that school staff cooperate with the election judges regarding setup requests and that polling locations are presentable.
  • A custodian will be required to work overtime on Saturday, May 7Two custodians may split the time, but there should be no overlap of time between the custodians and the combined total hours worked should not exceed 16.5 hours.  
  • Custodial staff must use the supplemental pay icon on the biometric time and must clock in and out, using the activity code 126802. 
  • Please note that at no time should a district facility be left unattended by district personnel. 

Because the primary runoff election on May 24 falls on a Tuesday, a regular workday, no overtime will be paid to custodians assigned to open/close the building for this election.    

Please direct questions to Orlando Alameda at (972) 925-5142, or OAlameda@dallasisd.org.

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