Central summer schedule starts in June

Starting in June, the district will be closed on Fridays as central staff employees begin to work the summer schedule four-day week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Monthly employees

Employees paid monthly will work the four-day work week from June 6 through July 29. Monthly employees will resume their regular work hours on Aug. 1.


Biweekly employees

Employees paid biweekly will work a four-day workweek from June 10 through Aug. 4. Biweekly employees will NOT work on June 10 if they participate in the four-day workweek. Biweekly employees who participate in the four-day workweek will resume their regular hours on Aug. 5.

Employees are responsible for consulting with their supervisor to determine the start, end, and lunch times of their daily work schedule during the summer. Employees approved to take a working lunch will only be required to stay at the worksite or be available remotely for 10 hours. Employees will be compensated for the “working lunch” time, and it will be considered part of normal work hours.

Supervisors may allow employees to work a schedule other than the four-day workweek as long as the change does not negatively affect the functions of the department. In addition, some departments may choose to return to the regular work schedule sooner. Decisions regarding the work schedule are at the discretion of the department supervisor. In addition, divisional leadership may modify the employee’s work schedule to meet campus, divisional, or district needs. An event such as New Teacher Academy or a back-to-school program may require a change to the work schedule in order to provide support.

The district will be closed for summer break July 4-8. Employees will not be allowed to work for pay while the district is closed unless the employee has received prior written approval from their department chief. All central staff will return to work on July 11.


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