Open for new challenges?

Are you a teacher, instructional coach, counselor or media specialist looking for a challenging but rewarding assignment? Dallas ISD’s open transfer period provides the opportunity to accept positions at high priority campuses and other schools for the 2022-2023 school year.

Principals in high priority and ACE campuses—including those with Intersession and School Day Redesign calendars—can begin sending recommendations for teachers, instructional coaches, counselors, and media specialists to Human Capital Management starting March 7. The district’s open transfer period for the 2022-2023 school year for schools that are not considered high priority campuses begins March 23. The open transfer period for all schools ends April 15.

The open transfer process allows current Dallas ISD teachers, instructional coaches, counselors and media specialists, who meet the guidelines outlined below, to accept a position at another campus for the following school year. During the open transfer period, current principal approval is not required.

Interested eligible employees must complete an application online by logging into with their EAD credentials and then use the internal openings link. Employees who do not apply will not be eligible to participate.

To be eligible for an open transfer, employees must:

  • Hold a valid Texas Teacher Certificate in the requested subject-area vacancy and meet TEA/SBEC Certification Standards for the position
  • Not be identified for non-renewal at the end of the current school year due to performance and/or misconduct
  • Not be entering their fourth year of an Alternative Certification Program
  • For Instructional Coaches only: must receive approval from recommending campus executive director

Next week: Learn about the advantages of working at a high priority campus, including access to additional compensation.


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