Employees make a home in Dallas ISD

Married for 16 years, Elena and David Bates are Dallas ISD Darlings. Their love story began while both worked at Thomas C. Marsh Middle School and led and supported student groups and community partnerships.

David began his career in Dallas ISD in 1999 as a Leadership Cadet Corps Instructor at Marsh Middle School, athletic coach and campus leader. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army and currently serves the district as Assistant Superintendent of Maintenance and Facility Services/Construction Services Support

Elena joined Dallas ISD as an English as a Second Language teacher at Marsh Middle School in 2000. Elena transitioned to W.T. White High School, where she served in several roles. She later returned to Marsh Preparatory Academy as an assistant principal in 2015 and was later selected as W.T. White Principal in 2016 where she remained until her move to current position in the Office of Transformation and Innovation.

Laney Bates, their 13-year old daughter, attended Everette L. DeGolyer Elementary and Marsh Middle School, now named Thomas C. Marsh Preparatory Academy.

“Dallas ISD Is Home for us because we are invested in the success of our district,” said Elena. “The district’s highs and lows are personal to us.”

Their personal commitment to the district shows on their daily work. Elena is a key team member for the launching and opening of Public School Choice schools, offering more learning experiences to students throughout the district.

David’s work is visible every day in all schools, as him and his team are responsible for the maintenance and operations of schools and central office buildings. David led a team of unsung heroes who quickly took action in clearing schools in the north and northeast Dallas areas affected by a tornado in October 2019, so students could return to class quickly.

“We have countless memories and experiences that we have shared through service to others and have seen the reciprocity as others have poured into us and our daughter,” said David. “Through our years of service to Dallas ISD school communities, we have built lasting relationships with colleagues, students, and their families. We are honored to call Dallas ISD our HOME!”

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