Staff pets are part of the family

Whether on the pasture looking for sweet treats or greeting their human parents when they come home at the end of the day, pets continue to be essential members of the family for many Dallas ISD employees.


Lou weighs 100 pounds, but he is a big teddy bear. He has grown up with my kids and watches over them always. He makes us happy because he is so sweet and fun loving.
Emily Reynosa, Lee A. McShan Jr. ES

Bella is the sweetest most lady-like young lady. She is an amazing snuggler and loves to play. Bella is enormous, but very gentle. She enjoys running and playing with our donkeys. Bella has a good time enjoying the outdoors. She is an amazing companion. Lucky is a loving “kissy-face” donkey, who enjoys giving kisses and will do just about anything for a treat. Her favorite snacks are banana treats and vanilla sugar cookies. Lucky loves to call (he-haw) when she hears me drive up. I look forward to giving her hugs and kisses every day.
Deborah Shultz, Special Education

My two dogs are both rescues. I moved back to Dallas from having wide open space for my one, to him being stuck in an apartment all day.  He was so lonely, I got my dog a dog. They are both so happy because now we have a yard and lots of room to run again.
Julie Braswell, Arlington Park ECC


Rex is a 10-year-old long-haired mini dachshund. Most days you will find him curled up and sleeping on his pillow or lounging on our laps. He reminds us that resting is a great form of self-care!  Rex is sweet, loyal, and silly. He brings so much joy and calm to our lives every single day.
Sandra Martinez, Social Emotional Learning Department

This is our sweetheart, Lil Bit.  She has brought much joy and laughter into our home, especially during these uncertain times. She is our guardian angel, always on the lookout for trespassers as she sits on her favorite spot. Mary Ramirez- TA, Casa View ES

This is my French Bulldog puppy, Roni Corona. We got him after my kids begged and begged for a pet, and, finally during quarantine, we decided it was time to give in. We love him for the energy he brings to our home and the unconditional love (and stubbornness) he shows us each day. There’s nothing sweeter than watching him run and play at the dog park while making other doggy friends. Krisha Sears, Arthur Kramer ES


Sprinkles is the icing on the cupcake at the end of a hard day with her love and affection.  While she’s a foster for now, I couldn’t imagine life without her. Deanna Restrepo, Section 504 and Dyslexia Services

Jaxon is a 1-year-old Yorkie and my youngest child, well my four-legged one. He is such a joy, making life so much more exciting with him in it. He is so loving, he has licked my tears away when I cry. When I’m away as little as two minutes, he’s so excited when I return. There have been people who claimed to not like dogs that are in love with him soon after meeting because he’s so sweet and playful. He always greets someone with a toy to play. I really love this little boy. Roshanell Clark, Edna Rowe ES

Every day I return from school, Sir Snow is waiting at the door to greet me and to tell me all about his day. He loves zoom calls and reading with the kids while chewing on the book. Teresa Sterling, Sunset HS


Harper Ferguson is our precious springer spaniel. She is sweet, playful, and incredibly opinionated. In her free time, she enjoys squeaking her toys, playing ball, eating, and welcoming home her parents from work. She dislikes vacuums and the mailman. Harper brings joy to our lives every day. Grace Ferguson, Nathaniel Hawthorne ES



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