Dallas ISD is looking out for the environment

Dallas ISD has been recognized from among public and private entities statewide for its “continual process to reduce costs by reducing energy consumption.” The district—the largest urban school district in the nation with renewable energy—was recognized with the 2020 NRG Excellence in Energy Efficiency Award.

This singular recognition is a result of a coordinated effort within the Dallas ISD Maintenance and Facilities Department to enhance financial and environmental stewardship through preventive maintenance, lighting and HVAC upgrades, and focused support of the department’s Energy Management and Sustainability team. Beginning in July, Dallas ISD committed to 100% renewable energy and participation in several demand response programs overseen by the Energy Management System team. Maintenance and Facilities’ commitment to energy efficiency has resulted in a reduction in the district’s energy consumption, an increase in savings, and an impressive lessening of its carbon footprint.

“We’re very appreciative of the recognition from NRG and proud of the work our team is doing,” said David Bates, executive director of Maintenance and Facilities. “That said, the need for continuous improvement and innovation remains constant in order to meet the demands of environmental equity.”


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