Teachers: share your opinion

Given the trials 2020 has presented for students and the learning process, Dallas ISD is taking steps now to minimize what is expected to be a more severe loss of learning than is typically seen during the summer.

Ideas under consideration to mitigate the loss of learning include possibly extending the school year and/or rethinking the school day at certain campuses to benefit both students and teachers.

  • For students, there would be increased opportunities for lifelong learning, enrichment, acceleration, recovery, and new experiences
  • For teachers, there would be more time for teamwork, innovation, mentorship, and exploration

Teachers are key to the success of any proposal developed by the district, which is why their voice is critical to this process. Teachers are asked to complete this survey by Thursday, Nov. 12, to give feedback about each of the options under consideration, including the potential for an extended school year in Dallas ISD.

This video details some of the work that the district is doing to gather input from a variety of stakeholders.

The Board of Trustees will take into consideration the administration’s proposal in January. The program would be implemented for the 2021-2022 school year.



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