Election information

More than 120 district facilities will be used as polling places on Tuesday, Nov. 3, for the general election. Then day is a board approved holiday so facilities will be closed for district business.

Custodians should open the facilities promptly at 5:30 a.m. to allow the election judges to set up. Due to the high interest in this election and the need to disinfect the voting areas prior to the start of classes the following day, custodians may need to work beyond the 7 p.m. end of the voting day. Two custodians may split the time, but there should be no overlap of time between the custodians. Please note that at no time should a district facility be left unattended by school personnel.

Custodial staff must use the supplemental pay icon on the biometric time clock and use the supplemental activity code #121023 to clock In and out.

Principals should ensure that school staff cooperates with the election judges regarding set-up requests and that polling locations are presentable. For any questions, contact Orlando Alameda by calling (972) 925-5142 or sending an email to oalameda@dallasisd.org.

Click here for the list of facilities that will be used as polling places.



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