COVID-19 reporting procedures

An employee who has a suspected or confirmed infectious disease, such as COVID-19, should report the disease to the district. In response to a report of an infectious disease, the district will initiate the public health contact tracing process to maintain a safe work environment and prevent the spread of the infection.

An employee who has received a suspected or confirmed infectious disease diagnosis should notify Health Services within 24 hours by submitting the reporting form. If the employee notifies his or her supervisor, the supervisor must notify Health Services within three hours of receiving the notification from the employee.

The employee’s report of a suspected or confirmed infectious disease diagnosis to the district initiates the contract tracing process, which continues with the Health Services Department contacting the Benefits and the Environmental Services departments.

Contact tracing steps

  1. Health Services contacts the reporting employee within 24 hours of receiving notification from the employee to initiate the contact tracing process.
  2. Health Services will contact a potentially exposed employee within 24 hours. Health Services may direct the employee who may have been in close contact to quarantine/isolate.  (Reports received after hours, weekends and holidays will be reviewed and executed within 48 hours.)
  3. The Benefits Department will contact the employee to review leave of absence and Americans with Disability Act (ADA) accommodation options or place the employee on a quarantine/isolation status.
  4. Operation Services will provide an intensive cleaning with an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) industrialized germ spray to exposed areas. Employees may be asked to discontinue use of the exposed workspace and common areas until a clean notice is posted.

Contact tracing is a private process. An employee’s personal information may not be released to the public or shared with individuals who may have come in close contact with an infected employee. Employees are prohibited from disclosing confidential information about employees or students.


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