Get Core 4 Ready

Dallas ISD is committed to providing exemplary customer service in every corner of the district. We’ve committed to the tenets of Core 4— Focused, Fast, Flexible, and Friendly—which ensure we are delivering professional, high-quality service. To ensure this commitment continues to be part of everyday life in the district, we have redesigned Core 4 to include cultural tenets rooted in our principles of racial equity and cultural responsiveness, comprehensive accountability, responsible use of resources, and collaboration. These changes will benefit our staff and improve communications with our students, parents, and the community.

The first step is for each department/campus to assign at least one employee to serve as its team’s Cultural Tenets Ambassador. This individual will be responsible for training his or her colleagues in the upcoming months on the Core 4 tenets. The goal is to have every Dallas ISD employee trained by the end of the 2020-2021 school year. Departments/campuses consisting of 100 or more employees, are encouraged to select two employees to serve as their ambassadors.

When choosing an ambassador, please consider choosing a member of your team who demonstrates leadership skills and can execute training at a high-level.

Once employees participate in the activity at the department level, there will be an online assessment to complete. It will be essential to ensure employees complete this assessment as it will be the tracking mechanism for ensuring all employees received the training. It will also be used to gauge how well they have internalized the tenets and be able to fully apply them to their daily tasks.

Please submit the name(s) of your campus ambassador by Tuesday, Sept. 15, here.

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