Policy change allows campus staff to bring children to work

A change to DH (REGULATION) announced today will allow the children of classroom teachers and campus staff to accompany their parents to campuses during the period of districtwide distance learning for all. Children must be at least 4 years of age and no older than 15 and can be enrolled in any school district to qualify.

All campus staff must request and receive permission in writing from the principal before they bring their children to work with them. Approval can be revoked by the principal or district at any time during the districtwide distance learning period.

The change will avoid creating a hardship for teachers and campus staff who choose to work on campus and whose children would otherwise have to attend daycare or stay home alone.

Teachers and campus staff who take advantage of this option are responsible for the personal safety of their children and for ensuring there are no disruptions to their daily tasks or campus operations. The children must follow all district and campus health and safety procedures.

Children who are enrolled as Dallas ISD students must abide by all district rules, regulations, guidelines and expectations while on campus.

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