Core 4 Tip: Stay focused while working at home

Whether supporting at-home learning, distributing meals or maintaining the district’s operations during the closure, Dallas ISD staff continue to embrace the Core 4 principles of customer service. The distractions of home along with the isolation that often comes with remote working can make focusing on these principles challenging and impact productivity.  Here are five key ways to stop that from happening:

Motivate Yourself

Self-motivation techniques can help you to boost your confidence, think positively, and set clear goals.

Minimize Distractions

Which distractions tend to affect you most? Maybe you get caught up doing household chores, or suffer interruptions from family or friends. Eliminating these distractions could be as simple as shutting the door.

Reward Yourself

Find ways to make each task more enjoyable and rewarding, as well as giving yourself “treats” when the task is completed. For example, reward yourself with your favorite coffee treat for completing a task successfully.

Control Your Social Media

Think carefully about which notifications you need to get immediately, allowing those and muting others. Schedule times during the day to check your phone. And, if you’re still struggling, see if tools like Cold Turkey Writer™ help you to control your time online.

Know Your Goals

Along with short-term, task-related goals, make sure that you’re also clear about the wider career goals and purpose you’re striving to achieve. Keeping these in mind will motivate you to do your best work, whatever your location.

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