Let’s Talk About It: The Core 4 key to effective communication

Happy new year and welcome back to a fresh new start in 2020. Listen up, did you know that almost everything you do in life involves some form of communication?

Any time you interact with another person, you are communicating. Whether you smile at a stranger or ignore them, speak to someone or listen attentively when that person is talking to you, you are communicating.

We communicate for numerous reasons: to make decisions, solve problems, get answers, resolve conflicts, discuss events or tasks, or gather information. A person’s success often depends on good communication skills.

As an employee of Dallas ISD, no matter your role, you are the customers’ point of contact and often the primary source of communication.  If parents and students see you in the local grocery store or out in the community, in their eyes, you not only represent the district, you are the district.  As a district communicator, how you interact with customers is important. In fact, it is one of the most important jobs required to establish and develop relationships.

As we move forward this semester, challenge yourself to commit to doing one thing differently or better to ensure you make a positive impression on your customers. Smile. Engage. Be helpful.  Show you care.  One thing, no matter how small, can improve your communication skills and make a huge difference in building positive relationships with customers.

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