October staff development opportunities for central staff

Central staff can now register for staff development sessions offered in October. All sessions will take place at the Linus D. Wright Dallas ISD Administration Building.

Mindset in the Workplace

Audience:  Central staff

The differences between a growth and fixed mindset will be explored.  Participants will consider their own mindset and discover how fostering a growth mindset voice supports personal development.

The 5 Languages of Workplace Appreciation  

Audience: Managers, supervisors

When managers and supervisors understand someone’s primary and secondary language, as well as specific ways to speak to them, they can effectively communicate authentic appreciation, thus raising the level of buy-in and performance across the entire team and organization.  Session participants will learn how to express genuine appreciation to co-workers and staff even on a tight budget.  employees

Ignite and Unleash Potential Through Talent Conversations 

Audience:  Supervisors, managers, directors

One of the fundamental roles of a leader is to recognize and unleash the talents and strengths of others.  Talent conversations play a vital role in engaging employees and influencing their performance and development if done effectively and often enough.  This session will provide tools to prepare for and facilitate effective talent conversations.


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