H drive storage to be phased out

Dallas ISD IT Infrastructure will be phasing out on-site H drive storage for employees. The transition to a cloud storage option started on July 1, 2019, and will continue through Dec. 31, 2019. 

Benefits for Employees: 

  • Users will be offered a choice between Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive applications 
  • 1Terabbyte of storage on OneDrive or unlimited storage for Google Drive 
  • Improved secure remote access for employees without requiring the use of VPN 
  • Mobile device compatible 

Implementation Timeline: 

  • July 1, 2019 – Migration process begins. IT will no longer create new “H drives” for individuals 
  • Employees will migrate their H drive files to the cloud by Dec. 31, 2019 
  • Dec. 31, 2019 – Existing H drives will become read-only 


  • Training will be offered via step by step “How to” documents along with instructor lead training sessions 
  • Sharepoint site will be created and updated to house the “How to” documents and information pertaining to FAQ’s on the migration to cloud storage

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